Government attempts to diminish Rowland Study

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Government attempts to diminish Rowland Study

(Paul’s note: I am not related to Anne Langley as included in the following email exchange.)

Saturday, 25 September, 2010 3:59 PM
“Dennis Hayden”
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Dear all ,

It goes without saying the UK MoD are doing their best to ignore, undermine and devalue the Rowland Study as are the quisling politicians and so – called expert panel in NZ and elsewhere . The single paragraph in Robathan’s letter( UK Minister for Veterans ) clearly shows this . This is why we have to counter this propaganda by explaining to Members of Parliament , internationally, the significance of Rowland .

Regards ,

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From: Dennis Hayden
Sent: Friday, September 24, 2010 10:59 AM
Subject: Fw: Nuclear Veteran Given Peacemaker of the Year Award

Passed for information from the Combined Veterans’ Forum International .

We draw particular emphasis and attention on the dissembled remarks by Andrew Robathan MP , Minister for Veterans , in his letter Edward Vaizey MP which referred to the Professor Rowland Study in just one paragraph as follows :

” We are aware of Professor Rowland’s study of Royal New Zealand Navy veterans and are following it and other cytogenetic studies closely , but ionising radiation is only one of many causes to stable chromosomal translocations and clinical significance or predictive value of cytogenetic change is unknown . Established clinical illness is , of course , the basis of all personal injury claims .”

Our comments on the above follow in an email to to Anne Langley p/a for the attention of Edward Vaizey MP .

More will follow on this subject . Roy Sefton and the NZNTVA took control of the understanding of the science of genetic damage in nuclear veterans . The politicians and officials are doing their best to gain control back . We cannot allow this to happen here in the UK in NZ or elsewhere .

With kind regards ,

The Action Executive
the CVFI

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From: Dennis Hayden
Sent: Friday, September 24, 2010 8:29 AM
Subject: Re: Nuclear Veteran Given Peacemaker of the Year Award

Dear Anne ,

For attention of Edward Vaizey MP, who is free to use any of the following comment .

re The Late Barry Smith ( Nuclear Veteran )

CVFI comments on the latest letter from Andrew Robathan MP , Minister for Veterans , ref D/Min (DPWV) /AR MC03765/2010 dated 15th September .

It is clear the Minister’s letter is worded from briefings by officials within the MoD to continue to defend the now untenable cold war policy of exclusion enforced to deny nuclear veterans and their widows a duty of care under the military covenant .

Nuclear veterans and the widows who served at British nuclear test fall out locations in the Pacific ( as with Tania Smith’s father Barry Smith ) and in Australia between 1952 and 1967 note the following from the Minister’s letter :

The Rowland Study .

The Minister’s remarks regarding the study by Professor Rowland , Massey University , New Zealand on the genetic damage sustained by the 551 crew of two New Zealand Navy Frigates who sailed through the fall out of nuclear weapons tests in the Pacific grossly ( and deliberately ) under estimates the significance of this study .

The Rowland study was meticulous in its methodology . Extreme care was made to eliminate any bias or confounding causal links to ill health . The study has been peer reviewed by a prestigious scientific journal . It has been hailed world-wide as ground breaking science . It is the first study ever to examine the blood of nuclear veterans .

The results were achieved by careful selection of the control group of ex-servicemen used to compare with the 49 navy crew tested . The controls were all former servicemen of similar age , smoking ,drinking habits and background etc to eliminate any confounding factors or bias . (This has been also confirmed by cytogeneticist Professor Rhona Anderson of Brunel University , London ) .The only difference being the 49 veterans in the study had attended a nuclear test location during their service , the controls had not .

Blood tests revealed , by cytogenetic analysis , the 49 surviving nuclear veterans/ New Zealand Navy Crew who were examined had THREE times the number of chromosomal translocations ( genetic damage ) in their DNA than the controls .

This elevated rate of translocations is highly significant and on a par with the translocations found in the so – called Russian ” liquidators” ( those men ordered to cap the damaged nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in 1986 – 162 of whom died within 10 years of the nuclear accident with an average age of 46.2 yrs – Professor A.V . Yablokov ) . This gives an accurate assessment of the significant genetic damage sustained by the nuclear veterans at nuclear test locations.

Those nuclear veterans who from the NZ Frigates so far have died at an average age of 52.4 yrs . Those who died in their 30′s and 40′s probably had even more translocations than the 49 survivors who were blood tested in the Rowland Study .

The Minister states ” the clinical significance or predictive value of cytogenetic change is unknown ” . This is pure and utter weasel – worded dissembling . The degree of translocations can , in fact , indicate the level of radiation dose ingested into the body . These are facts known and used by the Russian authorites to test their nuclear power workers . What the Minister is trying to imply in his briefing by MoD officials is that significantly elevated chromosomal translocations is not genetic damage . This is nonsense .

A report in The Times of 12th June, by Deborah Haynes , Defence Editor – ” Yes , Minister ” style has to end , say Tory MP’s .- Adam Holloway and Bernard Jenkin MP’s included the following : ” the Ministry of Defence is failing to give Ministers a full picture in briefings …there is no doubt the Defence Select Comittee has been consistently dissembled to ….it is clear the relationship between the MoD and the rest of Whitehall is dysfunctional .. ” .

The Minister for Veterans who had an illustrious career in the Special Air Service has the sympathy of veterans since becoming a Minister at the MoD his former proud service regiment motto ” who dares wins ” has been sadly replaced by the MoD’s disingenuous mantra ” who dissembles spins .” He has adopted a poisoned chalice .

The Minister’s reference ” Established clinical illness is , of course , the basis of all personal injury litigation ” is complete evasion because ‘established clinical illness ‘ does not allow the inclusion or consideration of radiation induced genetic damage which causes ill ness from immune system damage , chronic disabilites , psychological illness , premature ageing of the heart , cancer , sterility , stillbirths , genetic damge passed to children etc etc .

It is entirely due to the MoD’s policy of deliberately blocking war pension appeals by nuclear veterans and widows , by denying advances in the understanding of the clinical effects of damage to health from ionised radiation , in order to avoid accountability and responsibility , to protect nuclear industry ,allow the use of depleted uranium weapons etc etc that has led to ‘established clinical illness ‘ being unable to admit to radiation induced illnesses .

The Rowland Study is being ignored by the MoD because it has been noted as ” crucial and pivotal ” evidence – based science by the successful Limitation Trial verdict of June 2009 and links to the other trial verdict that the ” prime causal link to ill health in nuclear veterans is from fall out radiation .” A recognition of the truth of the science which is an anathema to the MoD a department that allows no recognition of the truth in order to continue an agenda of denial supported by hapless Ministers of misinformation . .

With kind regards ,

Yours sincerely

Dennis Hayden
for the CVFI
Action Executive .

Copy to : Tania Smith daughter of Barry Smith

From: Dennis Hayden []
Sent: 23 September 2010 14:09
Subject: Re: Nuclear Veteran Given Peacemaker of the Year Award

Yes , Anne I will forward the points soon . In the meantime , this is to say the points will focus on the inaccuracy of the Minister’s reference to the Rowland Study . The nonsense of his remarks that the War Pensions Scheme with regard to nuclear veterans is ‘generously framed’ ( the WPS cannot even be easily accessed and 90% have to go to appeal ! ) . There are many other disingenuous and misleading remarks in the Minister’s response . These points will follow in more detail for first thing am tomorrow . I hope this will be soon enough .

With thanks for your help ,


for the CVFI

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From: LANGLEY, Anne

To: ‘Dennis Hayden’

Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 1:13 PM

Subject: RE: Nuclear Veteran Given Peacemaker of the Year Award

Can you send me an email if you would like specific points taken up in response to the ministerial reply?
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