Thatcher + Brucer =

by nuclearhistory

Oh shit. I think I see a Tiger Tank coming.

Phew, it was only a duck,


(wax on, wax off.)

The Ghost of Marshall Brucer is outraged. During the ensuing court case, Brucer exclaims “He should have said HONK, your worship!

The judge observes: “You didn’t live forever, quite obviously, for eternity has not ended yet and you are already dead. And therefore I say, HONK, QUACK, WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE SIR? Case dismissed with costs against the ghost.

IN OTHER WORDS: POLITICS AND MEDICINE DO NOT MIX. The aim of hormesis has always been to empower nuclear expansion. And that has been the case ever since the radium girls were slandered by their employer.

When Brucer stated that the dial painters who did not die of radium induced cancer lived longer than they would have had they not ingested radium, it was a statement of faith on his part. I do not believe him.

I am not alone in this.

Conroy gave a brave, honest account of his views, memories and experiences. He was not hysterical. The usual trait of a Brucerite. Conroy is no Brucerite.